Dr Arnulfo Vazquez - A new smile has changed my life for good.

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I had neglected my teeth for years and my smile looked like I chewed rocks. They were all broken and decayed, and I looked so bad that the girls all stayed away.

Now my smile is great, and i really look good. Dr Vazquez did a lot of the work, including several dental implants. I can't thank him enough for such a good job.

My new smile has changed my life for the good in so many ways, including a whole new sense of self confidence. I would recommend Dr Vazquez to anyone who is looking to get a smile makeover, or teeth replaced by dental implants.



Now the question is, will you come to the dentist REGULARLY like you never have in the past so you will maintain the fine investment you made?

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I believe you may have misunderstood the point of this site.

Dr Arnulfo Vazquez - My smile turned out perfect in Tijuana.

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I am very happy with the dental work done by Dr Arnulfo Vazquez in Tijuana. I am 71 years old and had a nasty smile.

I came for some cosmetic dental work, and had my upper front 8 teeth, and the lower 8 front teeth capped. The work in the US would have cost me a lot more than I could afford, and in Mexico it was less than a third the price. All 16 crowns cost me under $7000, and I chose the best crowns that they offer. My friends could not believe it when they saw how good I looked!

He was very patient with me, and did a great job. The dentists we very gentle, and I was never in any pain.

Thank you Dr. Vazquez for a good experience!

Dr Arnulfo Vazquez - Gave me excellent dental care.

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I had lost several teeth some years ago, and the best solution seemed to be dental implants. The problem I faced was that there was also quite a bit of bone loss, and so I also required bone grafts to build up the jaw to the point that implants could work.

It took a total of three trips to Tijuana, over the course of 7 months, to complete everything. I found Dr. Vazquez to be very professional and extremely competent. The office is very nice, and he has state of the art equipment.

He first did the bone grafting, and I was surprised at how quickly, and painlessly that went. After 4 months, I returned for the actual implants to be placed into the lower jaw. Again, almost pain free, except for some swelling the first couple of days. It only took two hours to do the procedure.

Three months later, I had to return for the abutments and crowns. All I can say is that my teeth are beautiful. Dr. Vazquez is a real perfectionist.

I would recommend him to anyone who is considering dental implants in Mexico. Not only is the price right, but the quality of the work is top notch.

Dr Arnulfo Vazquez - Bad implants and crowns

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Update by user Sep 02, 2012

I had three implants done in another dental office and went to Dr. Vazquez to get the abutments and crowns.

Original review posted by user Aug 26, 2012

Put on three crowns. Messed up two crowns.

Redid crowns but did not cement one all the way down and the other was to wide but cemented it anyways. Then tried to fix crown while it was still on by using strips of sandpaper but broke it when he used his drill. Then pulled and pulled and pulled until it came off. Bake it and recemented back on wrong.

He did not use the sucker thing while working on my crown and I ended up shallowing and breathing in all the dust and tiny pieces of the crown. I'm left with three awful crowns that I'm struck with.

So very hurt and un happy with my smile. Thanks to ARNULFO VAZQUEZ D.M.D that calls himself a perfectionist.

Review about: Zirconuim Crowns.

Monetary Loss: $3.



Arnolfo Vazquez believes that he is so right.

The crown he put in incorrectly is NOT

my number 29 tooth.

He got that so wrong.

And he doesn't even know it.

How smart is that?

It's my number 30 tooth and I have 2 dentist that can back that up.

Hey Vazquez, It's not that you do bad work on others, it's that you did bad work on me and you don't care to pay up to fix it.

That's the truth and just letting people know what kind of person you are.

I'm not a hard to please kind of person.

You just did NOT give me the dental work you promised me.

My life matters to me and your work has changed it ways that you won't see or care to know or even give a thought to.

I care enough to let other know that you are not what you claim to be, a perfectionist


8) :roll 8) :roll


Written by someone associated with Hopelessly mistreated and I have met other patients that were not happy with Dr. Vazques's work but that's another story.

Dr. Vazquez was the difficult one.

He put in to 2 completely differant looking crowns that do not match whats so ever.

One is so much thicker and rounded and the other is thinner and more flattish than the other.

No mention of any implants done by this dentist just the very un match looking crowns.

Making it very hard on the patient.

I have no doubt that this Dentist did not perform his perfectionist work that he promised.

No mention that he was a bad dentist. Just that the work he did on hopelessly mistreated was not something to be proud of.


I am associated with Dr. Vazquez, and have referred many patients to him for implants.

They have been very happy with his work. I understand that this particular patient came to him, having have her implants placed by another dentist. Dr. Vazquez had to place abutments on implants that the other dentist did not put in straight.

To habilitate implants like this is difficult, and the patient was likewise difficult. From the many patients I have known that very very pleased with his work, I have no doubts that this patient is one that no one could make happy.

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